Reliable Repertory 

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- This will be released when SHS (Synergy Homeopathic Software - New version of MacRepertory & ReferenceWorks) is released.
-  It is a brand new repertory and not available in any other software.
- A list of authors in Reliable Repertory can be accessed here. 

How was Reliable repertory created?

Dr Paresh Vasani, Dr Amul Kothare and Dr Anita Kotahre are three authors who have compiled this work under Dr Rajan Sankaran’s guidance.
 We have developed a software based on Sensation method called VitalQuest.
 In our development work with VitalQuest, we realized that in many cases you have to depend on Rubrics for better prescription. To fill in the gap we started exploring Repertories available which can offer us good quality of dependability. Our focus was more on the quality of the additions rather than the numbers.

Phase 1 - Foundation of Reliable repertory was based works of pioneers in Homeopathy. We started with Kent’s repertory as a base. To this we added from other repertories: Boenninghausen’s characteristics - CM Boger 
Boger general analysis 
Clarke’s clinical repertory 
Allen’s repertory 
Knerr’s repertory 
Phatak’s repertory 
P. Sankaran 
Robert’s sensation as if 

Phase 2 - We added many new provings from different authors.

Phase 3 - We searched each rubric through hundreds of books (Classical and contemporary authors) and added them in to Repertory with exact sentence from the reference from where it was picked up.
Reliable Repertory is a new repertory based on Kent’s repertory to which additions have been done from various classical and contemporary authors. Like our traditional repertories, it is collections of symptoms.


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